MNDFL is a curated collection of sustainable, low-waste, and healthful ideas and products that benefit community, earth, and self.

Our goal is to encourage and equip our readers in their pursuit of a more mindful lifestyle with:
> ideas and recipes
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Who Are We?

Sarah lives in Orono, ME, which is basically Canada. She’s a vegetarian, an amateur yogi, and she hasn’t written very much since she graduated from Bates College in 2013 with a Psychology degree. Sarah is interested in sustainable fashion, natural nourishment, and tiny living.

Lauren lives in Dover, NH. She’s going back to school to finish her degree in Sociology and Women’s Studies at UNH. She’s a performer and artist at heart and loves getting her hands dirty – especially in the kitchen. Lauren is the definition of a pop culture junkie and may or may not be a professional cat lady.


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